January 29, 2020

A teenage girl is suing Scores, a national strip chain, for sex trafficking.

According to ABC News, the lawsuit was filed by a pseudonymous “Jane Doe.” In 2017, Doe says a male acquaintance brought to a Scores outlet in Tampa, Florida. Within 30 minutes, the complaint states, Doe was on stage.

“The first couple of clubs they go to just basically throw her out the door,” said attorney Michael Dolce of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. But when they got to Scores, Doe was practically hired on the spot.

The New York Post says that whatever vetting Scores did of Doe and her identity was minimal. A “house mom” in charge of the dancers looked at Doe’s fake I.D., then approved her application. But the woman whose driver’s license Doe used wasn’t even of the same ethnicity or skin color.

“They don’t know who she was, she just showed up,” Dolce said. “She was just brought into town.”

Dolce noted that, rife with abuse as some sectors of the industry may be, Scores’ supposed crimes are particularly cruel.

“Enabling and profiting from the sexual abuse of a developmentally disabled teenage girl is deplorable even by the standards of the adult entertainment industry,” Dolce said.

The complete article can be accessed here.