November 25, 2021

Pinterest has settled a lawsuit alleging that executives in the company enabled discrimination in the workplace. The financial details of the settlement between the social media platform and the shareholder were not shared publicly.

As part of the settlement, Pinterest is releasing its former employees from nondisclosure agreements in cases of discrimination.

The social media company, which became popular for sharing images, is also committing $50 million to different reforms to increase equity and inclusion across the company and its product, according to NBC News.

Seth Magaziner, who acted on behalf of the Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island, which is the shareholder of Pinterest that filed the lawsuit, said that they pushed for the reforms to support the employees with a fair and safe workplace and to strengthen the company's brand and performance by ensuring that it is inclusive and diverse.

. . .

Now, Pinterest promised to create a workplace that is free of discrimination and that they will form an office of an ombudsman to respond to the employee complaints, according to The Verge.

The company also stated that it will conduct a pay equity audit across all employees twice a year and take the necessary steps to maintain equity.

The company is updating its policy to ban doxing, and it has created a process to escalate the complaints of harassment, retaliation, or discrimination involving members of the executive team or the board.

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