June 21, 2018

Three children detained in Palm Beach County Jail accuse the jail and school district of not giving them adequate education while in solitary confinement.

A 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds filed a lawsuit Thursday against the jail they are detained in. The complaint their attorneys wrote and filed in the Southern District Court identifies the children by their initials — H.C., M.F. and T.M.

All three have learning disabilities, the complaint states.

At most, child inmates in solitary confinement get packets of school work shoved under their cell door, said Sabarish Neelakanta, an attorney at Human Rights Defense Center, one of three law firms representing the children in the lawsuit. Teachers who visit the jail speak to the children through steel doors, yards away. The children can peek through a small window in their cell to see a blackboard, but the windows are scratched up and hard to see through, Neelakanta said.