April 17, 2018

The bad news is getting worse, just as it has on an almost weekly basis for the past 10 months. They have found, yet again, more pollution around the Chemours plant. The repetitive story has become so routine that it’s almost numbing.

But we can’t allow ourselves to become numb to it. The story is too important. For some of us, it’s about life and death.

Investigators have found 25 more potentially harmful chemicals, present at elevated levels in wells around the Chemours plant that makes GenX, a chemical used in the production of nonstick coatings like Teflon. GenX was first discovered in the lower Cape Fear River, and in the public water supply in New Hanover County. The presence of the chemical was revealed last June, sparking a growing investigation that has found the chemical -- linked to some forms of cancer in animals -- in public and private wells, in rainwater and in the air for miles around the plant, which sits on the Cumberland-Bladen county line.

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