May 16, 2017

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Guardrails are installed to help protect us should we get in a car crash.

One parent says one brand in particular caused his daughter’s death.

“This is absurd; they’re playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives,” Stephen Eimers said.

Eimers made the trip from Knoxville, Tenn. to New York’s Capitol on Tuesday to share his heartbreaking story.

“She hit a guardrail terminal end manufactured by the Lindsey Corporation, and that guardrail penetrated her Volvo S-80, a very safe car,” he said. “I know that’s not supposed to happen, and I know my daughter was killed instantly.”

Hannah’s death last November lead to his own research. He’d find six other people in three states died in crashes linked to the Lindsey X-Lite Guardrail.

“I don’t want anyone to find themselves in the situation that I find myself in, so we need to act,” Eimers said. “We need to get these off our nation’s roadways.”

Forty-five of these types of guardrails exist in New York on state roads.  It’s unclear how many are on local roads.

“I believe very strongly that this will save lives,” Sen. Catherine Young said.

Lawmakers in both houses back legislation that would ban and remove the guardrails in question and require a study to see how many are actually on the roads.

In New York, the state put a temporary ban on using the X-Lite Guardrail and removed it from their list of approved products, but the Knoxville parent said a temporary ban does not go far enough.

“Getting them off qualified product lists are great, but we need a 100 percent removal and replacement of every device on the roadway today,” Eimers said.

Eimers said leaving the roadway should not be a capital offense punishable by death.

“We need to get these things off our roadways,” he said. “They’re dangerous. My daughter was 17 years old. This shouldn’t have happened.”

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