December 02, 2016

The North Carolina NAACP said Friday it will file a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that would potentially allow Gov. Pat McCrory (R), who has been fighting to maintain the state’s highest office, to further draw out the 2016 election process.

Francis De Luca, the president of the conservative think-tank Civitas Institute, filed a federal lawsuit on Nov. 22 against North Carolina’s Board of Elections, asking that election results not be certified until 90,000 voters who registered on the same day they voted have their addresses verified.

De Luca’s lawsuit asks for an immediate injunction that would stop votes from being counted, claiming county election boards didn’t have enough time to verify same-day registrants’ addresses. Such a halt would stop the state from being able to announce the official outcome of the election until Dec. 7. 

Cohen Milstein represents the NAACP in this case.

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