August 14, 2018

A North Central Florida businessman, dubbed "Spiderman" Scott Mulholland, is in hot water tonight.

Mulholland became famous after scaling buildings for his window washing business.

He later became the CEO of three multi-million dollar companies.

Scott Mulholland is a prominent businessman in North Central Florida, after leaving the Marines, he became famous for scaling buildings for his window washing business, dubbing himself "Spiderman", as you can see the video embedded in his website, Mulholland also has a self-published autobiography that shares his rags to riches story. Well, now he owes his daughter $4.6 million after she filed a civil case alleging nearly two decades of sexual abuse.

Rebecca Trahan alleged sexual abuse from the time she was eight years old into her mid-twenties.

In a report filed back in 2014, Trahan alleges that her father would sneak into her room at night and grope her...then, beginning at the age of twelve, Trahan said her oldest brother also began abusing her.

"Her older brother disputed her version of what happened, but acknowledged, under oath, that he had sexual contact with her beginning when she was twelve, which would have made him approximately fifteen at the time," said Michael Dolce, Trahan's attorney.

The full video can be viewed here.