June 24, 2019

As the summer travel season begins in Metro Detroit, there's a growing concern among drivers about a potentially deadly hazard on the roads.

Three lawsuits have been filed claiming a certain type of guardrail can spear into vehicles on impact, causing injury and maybe even death.

The Local 4 Defenders did some digging and discovered the X-Lite guardrails in question are being used in Michigan. The majority of them are found in Metro Detroit.

One incident involved a former Detroit school teacher who died when his car hit an X-Lite guardrail.

The complete ClickOnDetroit news story can be seen below, and the corresponding article can be accessed here.

Cohen Milstein is representing the family of Wilbert Byrd in their wrongful death and catastrophic injury lawsuit against Lindsay Corporation, related to the Lindsay X-LITE guardrail. The Byrd family is represented by Theodore J. Leopold, Leslie M. Kroeger and Poorad Razavi

Cohen Milstein is at the forefront of defective guardrail litigation and advocacy. In addition to representing the Byrd family, we are currently involved in five other wrongful death and catastrophic injury lawsuits against Lindsay Corporation -- all related to the X-LITE guardrail.