February 23, 2017

Expert Says Gun Muzzle Must Have Been Above Adams’ Chest

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Seth Adams’ parents, Lydia and Richard Adams, stayed in the hallway of federal court Thursday, as lawyers showed the jury autopsy photos of their 26-year-old son’s body.

Dr. Gertrude Juste explained how three bullets entered Adams’ body and the damage they caused, following a shooting by Sgt. Michael Custer in May, 2012 on Adams’ property.

Juste said one bullet entered Adams’ arm, shattered the bone and then exited his forearm, possibly grazing his left stomach area.

Two more entered the right breast area, damaging the lung, diaphragm, rib, liver, stomach and causing a great deal of internal bleeding as they lodged in his lower left back.

Juste pointed to autopsy photos showing two steel rods inserted into the chest wounds, tracking their trajectory through Adams’ body.

Attorneys for Adams’ parents claim Custer shot Adams first in the arm, and then while Adams was bending over, cradling his injury, shot him again twice in the chest.

Custer told investigators he shot Adams while Adams was spinning out of his truck cab, while Custer was standing behind and almost next to him.

Adams’ family attorney Stephan LeClainche noted that Adams was 6’4, and Custer is 5’8.

LeClainche asked Juste in what position the much shorter Custer must have been in in order to have the bullets enter the chest and track downward.

“The muzzle of the gun must be higher than the entry wounds, or the person who is hit must be lower,” said Juste.

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