October 28, 2021

“Why can’t you tell consumers up front what you’re really going to charge them. Why can’t you tell consumers that in addition to your low load delivery fee you’re also going to be charging them a 20% services fee and you might be charging a small delivery fee and you might be charging something that you used to call the Chicago fee, but now you’re now calling a regulatory response fee.

Why cant you do those things? And, if the answer is, we can’t do them because our business won’t survive because consumers wont use us if they actually knew up front what they're charged. Then that really makes the point of the lawsuit. You’ve got to be honest about what you’re doing and then see if the model works.”

You just heard the voice of Betsy Miller, lead outside counsel to the City of Chicago discussing its current lawsuit against GrubHub and Doordash.

Later in this episode you’ll hear Betsy talk more about fees charged by meal delivery services and price hikes that the lawsuit claims hide real costs from customers.

Tune in here and listen to Betsy Miller and Elie Zenner, Assistant Corporation Counsel - Affirmative Litigation Division at City of Chicago, as they discuss the ongoing lawsuits against GrubHub and Doordash for their deceptive business practices. The interview starts at 11:34m. and runs to 19:20m.