February 22, 2017

Detective gives no explanation for conflicting physical evidence

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — On his second day on the stand in the Seth Adam’s multi-million dollar wrongful death trial, former lead PBSO detective Christopher Neuman said he didn’t have to reconcile conflicting evidence about the night Sgt. Michael Custer shot and killed Seth Adams.

“My job was to collect evidence and send it to the State Attorney,” said Neuman.

A Sheriff’s Office attorney asked Neuman on cross –examination, if Custer was under stress and might not remember events correctly when he gave his account two days later of how he killed Adams. Neuman agreed that was likely.

He also agreed that the shooting was a fluid event, and that Adams could have been moving as Custer was firing into his body.

“He was spinning out, right?” asked Custer attorney Summer Barranco. “It wasn’t a pirouette?”

However, under re-direct, Adams’ family attorney Wallace McCall hammered Neuman with questions about how he reconciled the conflicting evidence his own investigators found at the scene.

“Did you ever reconcile in your own mind as the lead detective how the blood trail started 8 – 10 feet away (from where Custer said he shot Adams)?” asked McCall.
“I don’t think I had to reconcile that,” Neuman answered.

McCall also pointed to the bullet casings all being found at the rear of Adams’ truck, not near the door where Custer said he’d pinned Adams and shot him rapidly four times.

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