April 11, 2017

Four lawyers who work at the Guantanamo Bay prison on Tuesday sued the U.S. Department of Defense, claiming it has exposed them to elevated risks of cancer and other health problems by forcing them to work in contaminated areas.

The complaint said the U.S. Navy has not properly investigated whether environmental hazards at the Camp Justice complex were linked to nine cancer cases since its 2008 opening.

By insisting that the complex is safe despite the known presence of "carcinogenic substances" such as formaldehyde and mercury, the Navy has left lawyers with the "untenable" choice between preserving their health and defending their clients, the complaint said.

A Pentagon spokesman said the Defense Department does not discuss pending litigation.

The complaint was filed in the federal court in Washington by Army Major Matthew Seeger, and civilian lawyers Cheryl Bormann, Edwin Perry and Michael Schwartz.

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