September 17, 2020

School administration favored alleged abuser over 11-year-old girl because of family's donor status, suit says.

A lawsuit has been filed against All Saints Catholic School and the Diocese of Palm Beach, alleging that the school failed to protect an 11-year-old girl from repeated sexual abuse by another student in an unsupervised classroom on campus.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Palm Beach County circuit court, also names principal Jill Broz, claiming that she not only failed to protect the student, but engaged in a campaign of victim shaming that caused the child severe emotional distress.

Michael Dolce, an attorney for the plaintiff, summarized the actions of the school administration as "truly an abusive response."

"It's very important in the aftermath of any form of sexual trauma that a child experiences that the child receive appropriate support -- not victim blaming, not victim shaming, not exposure of her vulnerabilities after the fact," Dolce told WPTV in a Zoom interview. "It's critically important to recovery that the adults in the room respond in a very therapeutic, very supportive manner. That's not what these facts are going to show, in this case, occurred."

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