December 21, 2018

A class-action lawsuit filed against the Orlando Utilities Commission claims the company exposed thousands of homeowners to cancerous toxins.

Developers are accused of polluting as many as 30,000 people with toxic byproducts from the utility's coal-fired power plants.

The lawsuit was brought by residents in Stoneybrook, Avalon Park, Eastwood and other neighborhoods north of the Stanton Energy Center.

Studies reveal coal plant pollution -- including polonium -- has resulted in child cancer rates up to 10 times higher than national average, the suit claims.

“This came to us from a group of residents in the area who had found each other as their children were being treated for cancer. Some of the children were dying from what was happening and they came to us and said help us,” attorney Leslie Kroeger said.

“This area is marketed as the perfect environment to raise your child but, despite being told this was a safe place for our family, our property was inundated with toxic contaminants from the coal plant,” said Michelle Irizarry, a plaintiff in the suit and a resident of Avalon Park.

Kroeger said the suit does not seek to shut the coal plant down but to change the way OUC handles the coal-ash.

“We don't believe OUC handled that properly and is still not handling that properly. There are still pollutants coming out as we speak right now,” Kroeger said.

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