July 02, 2018

“I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen: inclusion rider.”

The two word equity clause, highlighted by Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand in her 2018 Best Actress acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, was unknown to many and became popular overnight. But for Penn Law’s Kalpana Kotagal L’05, the concept to bring diversity to Hollywood was something she had been working for years.

Inclusion rider, a contract provision that actors, directors, or producers can use to negotiate for more diverse and inclusive hiring on set, was developed by Stacy Smith from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and drafted with Kotagal and Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni of Pearl Street Films.

. . .

Now a Cohen Milstein partner and a member of the firm’s Civil Rights Employment practice group, Kotagal works to address issues of employment and civil rights law, class actions, mandatory arbitration, and diversity in the workplace.

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