January 21, 2021

The $641 million settlement is one of the biggest in Michigan history but could grow even larger with future negotiations.

A federal judge granted preliminary approval Thursday to a massive settlement for Flint residents who were poisoned by contaminated water.

The settlement is currently worth more than $641 million and has been described as the “most complex settlement I’ve ever seen” by U.S. District Judge Judith Levy, a Barack Obama appointee who is overseeing the negotiations.

Attorney Ted Leopold, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs and partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, applauded the judge’s preliminary approval but said there is still more to accomplish.

“We are very pleased and happy with Judge Levy’s order today of preliminarily approving the settlement.  We have a lot more hard work ahead of us both on the settlement and the continued litigation with the remaining unsettled defendants.  We will continue to fight for the citizens of Flint until a full measure of justice is obtained for them,” he wrote in an email.

Leopold told Levy at a hearing last month that he had “worked harder on this case than any other.”

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