November 29, 2018

Law enforcement agencies surveyed by CNN reported destroying rape kits after they stopped investigating cases. Reporters determined that hundreds were trashed before the statutes of limitations expired.

Experts in policing, trauma, forensics and the law analyzed the cases you’ll read here. They found flawed investigations played a role in the destruction of evidence.


Child gives detailed account of abduction, rape
Experts say investigation inadequate

On April 2, 2013, the mother of a 7-year-old girl calls police in Fallon, Nevada, to report that her daughter woke up that morning saying she had been abducted the night before. A man duct-taped the child’s wrists and ankles and put tape over her eyes, she said, then carried the girl out a sliding glass door, took her to his home and assaulted her.

The girl also says the man kissed her and licked her tongue.

The mother tells police that her daughter says the man made her take a bath, put lotion on her, then brought her back home and told her to get into bed. The police report says that the girl is able to provide a description of the vehicle the attacker drove: a black Ford truck. Because she said tape was placed over her eyes, police ask how she knows this and she says she asked the man what they were in. She reports that she also asked him what time it was, and the man told her 3:30.

The full investigative report and Mr. Dolce's expert commentary can be viewed here.