May 19, 2017

BOSTON — Hannah Eimers’ car drifted off a Tennessee highway and struck a piece of safety equipment.

The 17-year-old hit a guardrail end terminal, and a piece of equipment designed to absorb the energy from a crash.

But instead, the metal rail behind the end terminal pierced her car like a spear, killing her instantly.

Now her grieving father, Stephen Eimers, is embarking on a campaign to get the brand of end terminal -- an X-Lite -- removed from the nation’s roads.

The crash is even more painful because Tennessee agreed just a few weeks before Hannah’s crash to stop buying new X-Lites. Now the state is going to remove them from its roads.

Eimers traveled to Massachusetts to talk with 5 Investigates’ Mike Beaudet about the X-Lite.

"Tennessee decided to collect more data,” Eimers said. “On the morning of Nov. 1, they got their last piece of data. But what they call data, I call Hannah.”

The problem is not isolated to Tennessee. Eimers has tracked crashes across the country involving the X-Lite and catastrophic if not fatal outcomes.

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