January 10, 2019

Shareholder lawsuits filed this week against Google parent company Alphabet accuse executives and directors of long permitting a “toxic work environment” and mishandling sexual harassment and misconduct claims over the years, denting its reputation and hurting potential business.

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The suits are among the first suits, called shareholder derivative actions, filed against Alphabet in the wake of its “#MeToo” moment, the attorneys for the plaintiffs said. The suits say Alphabet’s board has protected some of the company’s highest paid executives from scrutiny at the expense of shareholders, employees and users. One suit knocks Google for hiding the “true reasons” for their departures from shareholders.

“We think Google, or Alphabet, can really do a better job of looking out for shareholders and its employees,” Julie Goldsmith Reiser, an attorney representing pension funds in the litigation. The suit doesn’t put a dollar amount on the damages.

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