May 18, 2018

The bill would also put the 'burden of proof' on polluters, requiring them to identify what chemicals they are putting in the water. When unauthorized discharges happen, the bill would require polluters to pay for filtering and clean-up.

A bill filed today in the General Assembly would free state agencies from several restrictions that have prevented them from taking stronger action against GenX manufacturer Chemours.

House Bill 968 was sponsored by four Democrat representatives from the Cape Fear River basin: Deb Butler, William Richarson, Pricey Harrison and Elmer Floyd.

The bill would repeal the Hardison Amendment, provide approximately $14 million in funding for the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and shift the “burden of proof” from state agencies to permit holders – and while no specific facility is named, Chemours and DuPont are the clear targets of this last provision.

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