January 29, 2020

A local strip club is in the middle of a heated legal battle after a lawsuit was filed claiming that they played an active role in the prostitution and trafficking of a young girl who was not only a minor, but also developmentally disabled.

It all started when an unnamed victim, known only as Jane Doe, ran away from home. She had no idea that her end destination would bring her to Scores Gentleman's Club in Tampa.

"The industry knows that they are a target for human trafficking,” said Michael Dolce, an attorney representing the victim and her family. “They know that minors are subjected to this by traffickers who influence them."

"She was victimized,” said Dolce. “She was a child for all intents and purposes, legally and developmentally."

Despite being underage and developmentally behind, the lawsuit says Scores welcomed her in based on her fake I.D.

"Traffickers will bring people in, will control their I.D., will control their action and they'll look like anyone else, so you can't rely on looks alone,” Dolce said. “You have to be vigilant."

"Any kind of adult entertainment business understands that if you bring a minor into your place of business, that you are immediately exposing that minor to something they should not be exposed to," said Dolce.

Dolce claims there were plenty of signs that something wasn't right.

"If they spent any time to really get to know my client, just speaking with her for a few minutes, they would have realized she was nowhere near an adult," said Dolce.

It's a mistake that Dolce believes should never have been made.

"What happened to my client should not happen to anyone," added Dolce.

Since 2017, Torres has pleaded guilty to multiple charges and is currently on probation.

While Torres is not listed in the current lawsuit, Dolce told FOX 13 their battles with Torres are not over.

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