January 12, 2021

Former Gov. Rick Snyder and several other state officials will be facing criminal charges in connection with the Flint Water Crisis. This is a major development and a first for the former governor who was in charge during the crisis.

The charges are coming from Attorney General Dana Nessel, but sources tell 7 Action News these are indictments handed down by a grand jury.

Ted Leopold and Michael Pitt, interim court-appointed co-lead class counsel for the Flint litigation released the below joint statement:

"The residents of Flint were victims of decisions by the State of Michigan that resulted in tragic and devastating consequences. While we can never undo the injustice that occurred to the victims of Flint and their community, those responsible—including Governor Snyder and those he appointed to oversee the needs of the Flint residents—should be held accountable for the devastation they caused. On behalf of our clients, we give our assurances that we will continue to fight to make sure that a full measure of justice is obtained.”

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