December 21, 2020

An attorney representing thousands of plaintiffs in hundreds of lawsuits over the Flint water crisis believes the Flint City Council has its mission all wrong while deliberating whether to approve a $20 million settlement.

Attorney Corey Stern said he is representing nearly 4,000 people in about 500 lawsuits against the city and others allegedly responsible for the Flint water crisis. He said council members need to adjust their focus and think as a defendant rather than as a community advocate.

“The prudent, responsible thing to do looking out for the city is to pay $20 million in insurance money and limit your liability, limit your exposure going forward,” Stern said. “But if the council wants to be a giant cowboy on a horse and think it’s a white horse that they’re riding for my clients and my clients deserve more money, I salute them. I say thank you. And my hope is to take as much as I can from the city of Flint, because they bear significant responsibility for what happened during the water crisis.”

The complete article can be accessed at ABC 12 News.