April 16, 2018

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver announced Monday she will once again pursue a lawsuit against the State of Michigan over the water crisis.

It comes 10 days after the governor abruptly announced the state was shutting down the water distribution centers throughout the city.

Weaver said she met with Governor Rick Snyder for about 35 minutes this morning in Lansing to talk about the state's decision.

"If we have to take the state to court, then that's what we're going to do," Weaver said. "We'll sue them."

Immediately after the meeting with the governor, Weaver called a press conference to announce the city will be reviving a lawsuit against the state that was drafted back in 2016.

She said they didn't pursue the lawsuit in 2016 because the state made promises - like keeping the water PODs open indefinitely until all lead service lines were replaced.

Mayor Weaver said the state tried to end the PODs twice so far. Once back in Septemeber and again in January but she was able to get an extension while they tested schools.

Even though results are improving she says trust and finishing line replacement are still huge concerns.

"When we talked about the PODs, the governor said that we need to get over it," Weaver said. "He said the water is testing well and we need to move on."

In response, Mayor Weaver handed out a copy of their 2016 intention to file a suit that was set aside but brought back up after today's meeting with Gov. Snyder. 

The full article and coverage of the press conference can be accessed at WNEM TV5.