April 11, 2017

In tearful testimony Tuesday, the father of a 17-year-old Lenoir City girl whose death was the result of a guardrail demanded Tennessee lawmakers take action to prevent future deaths.

Steven Eimers, the father of Hannah Eimers, gave an emotional presentation before the House Transportation Committee, blaming the culture within the Tennessee Department of Transportation and shoddy technology for his daughter's death. He demanded new independent inspections of guardrails, felony charges for improperly installing them and incentives for state workers to report faulty installation and damage.

"If we pay our contractors to find the damage, they'll find the damage," he said. "There's something remarkable about the free market. It works every time it's tried."

Eimers said the effort should go beyond that, however, claiming a "systemic problem" exists within TDOT.

"Safety is more than winning advertising awards for your catchy billboard slogans," he said.

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