April 11, 2017

An East Tennessee father fighting to remove the model of guardrail that killed his daughter gave emotional testimony before state legislators on Tuesday.

Stephen Eimers, of Loudon County, spoke to the House Transportation committee in Nashville.

Eimers’ daughter, 17-year-old Hannah Eimers, was killed in November after she struck a Lindsay X-Lite guardrail terminal. Terminals are designed to guide the end of a rail away from the car during an impact.

However, in Hannah's case, the rail pierced her car. She died instantly.

During Tuesday's testimony, Hannah's father demanded new independent inspections of guardrails and incentives for reporting faulty installation and damage. 

"If we pay our contractors to find the damage, they'll find the damage," Eimers said. "There's something remarkable about the free market. It works every time it's tried."

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