September 20, 2016

A tentative trial date has been set in a family’s lawsuit against car seat manufacturer, Evenflo.

The trial is expected to begin in August 2017.

The family believes that the company markets a booster seat that didn’t properly protect their daughter in a 2014 crash that left her with lifelong injuries.

An attorney told Action News Jax that the company should help pay medical bills as well as for the care that the girl will need for years because of injuries she suffered in the crash.


The family said the child was properly restrained in her booster seat. The family’s attorney Adam Langino, said the girl was ejected from her seat.

“Unfortunately, the young girl suffered a catastrophic injury to her cervical spine. We hope that we will be able to provide for her medical care (that) frankly, she will need for a long period of time,” Langino said.

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