October 27, 2017

There is a type of guardrail end that is being blamed for deaths nationwide and one state has taken the drastic measure of removing them from highways.

It's happening in North Carolina, but state officials could not tell Channel 9 reporter Dave Faherty where those guardrails are located.

Ladeana Gambill and Stephen Eimers lost daughters in separate crashes involving the Lindsay X-lite guardrail end.

It has been more than a year since Gambill's daughter died.

The home’s living room is filled with pictures of Gambill’s 21-year-old daughter.

"It ended up being the last day I saw her alive," Gambill said.

Gambill and Eimers believe that in their daughters' crashes, the guardrail end malfunctioned, causing it to pierce the car instead of collapsing backward and absorbing the impact.

"Guardrails are not supposed to enter vehicles, period,” Eimers said. “I know the math on this device. It fails at an astonishing rate."

"I believe that the guardrail end piece malfunctioned and led to the death of my daughter,” Gambill said.
“I really don't want to see other parents suffer like I have."

Dash cam video of a third crash in Tennessee shows Wilbur Byrd dying after the same type of guardrail end splintered the vehicle.

The state of Tennessee is spending millions of dollars to remove the terminals after sending a letter to the Federal Highway Administration.

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