April 16, 2019

Several families have filed a civil lawsuit against a Jewish preschool in Northwest Washington for the alleged repeated sexual abuse of children.

The alleged abuse is said to have happened inside the Washington Hebrew Congregation.

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“The most we’re allowed to say based on the fact that there is an active criminal investigation is that the children suffered some of the most egregious forms of sexual abuse that is known to our system of laws. Really horrific stuff,” said Attorney Michael Dolce.

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After speaking with the families’ attorney, he says no parent should ever have to live through a nightmare like this.

“Well, certainly, any parent understands that the worst thing to happen to them is for something to happen to their child. This is compounded in this case by the knowledge that we have gained in our investigation that this was completely avoidable. If the law had been followed none of these Holsteins would have been harmed is our belief and we’re prepared to prove that in court,” said Dolce.

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