November 13, 2017

Credit reporting agency Equifax, which suffered a data breach over the summer that left vulnerable the personal financial information of nearly half of all Americans, was served Friday with a rare “50-state” complaint that aims to combine the dozens of individual suits filed against Equifax since September.

Equifax revealed the major data breach in early September, more than a month after the company was hacked by an individual or group who exploited a security hole Equifax was told to patch earlier in the year. In the wake of the company's announcement, at least 150 suits have been filed against Equifax nationwide, ranging from complaints by individuals affected by the breach to suits lodged by cities like Chicago.

Friday's complaint aims to consolidate dozens of individual cases to the Northern District of Georgia, where Equifax is based in Atlanta. The attorneys who filed the 50-state complaint are well-versed in data breach litigation, having tried and settled suits involving consumer data breaches at Home Depot, Target, Yahoo, Kmart and Arby's. The suit includes named plaintiffs from each state who claim to have been injured to varying degrees by the Equifax hack.

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