October 26, 2017

Dozens of lawyers representing hundreds of families suing over the Flint water crisis appearing in federal court in Ann Arbor Wednesday.

Just to give you a little perspective, one attorney I spoke with says his group is representing 3,500 people in this lawsuit and of that 2,400 of them are kids.

The court hearing was attended by more than 50 attorneys who are a part of this combined class action lawsuit.

In September the presiding judge, Judge Levy ordered that the class action and individuals lawsuits be consolidated to make it a little easier to make progress in the case.

The lawsuits are being filed against Governor Snyder and other city officials along with private engineering contractors who had a hand in what led to the Flint water crisis.

Wednesday was more of a status hearing where the judge heard from both sides about what documents and information they need to move forward with their cases.

We spoke with attorneys who say at the end of the day, it's progressing they're looking for.

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