February 16, 2017

Physical evidence doesn’t support Sgt. Michael Custer’s version of shooting

West Palm Beach, Fla. — The lead Crime Scene investigator during the Seth Adams shooting in 2012 testified in Federal Court Thursday about the scene as she processed it the night of the police involved shooting.

Mary Bain said when she arrived at the One Stop Garden Shop shortly after the shooting, the door to Seth Adams’ pickup truck was closed. The driver’s side mirror was also pushed forward.

Sgt. Michael Custer said in a sworn deposition already shown to jurors in the civil case that Adams confronted him in the parking lot, was acting “like a lunatic” and ran to get something out of his truck, which Custer thought was a gun.

Custer said he kicked Adams’ open door shut, pinning Adams between the door and the frame of the truck, then tried to pull Adams back out of the truck.

He said Adams spun around and fearful that Adams had grabbed a gun in the truck, Custer shot him as quickly as he could: four shots in one second.

Bain testified she found no blood, bullets, or bullet casings on the truck’s seat, floorboards or door.

Adams attorney Wallace McCall asked, “Did you see any evidence, whatsoever, that Seth Adams was shot in the inside open door of his truck?”

“I didn’t see any evidence of what you described,” said Bain.

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