October 24, 2017

Chemours and DuPont now face four lawsuits and one woman is suing over the discharge of GenX in the Cape Fear River.

“Shocked, surprised and scared,” is how Victoria Carey describes what it was like when she first learned of GenX.

“You know, knowing that we’ve been drinking all this water all this time. What’s going to happen to us? What’s our future going to be like,” Carey says.

She claims the contamination in the Cape Fear River led to her family’s medical issues. She had a private lab test the water in her hot water heater because she and her husband developed the same thyroid disorder.

While there are other class action lawsuits against Chemours and DuPont, this is the first lawsuit for medical claims. The law firm representing Carey is ready to fight and is ready to bring them to justice.

“Our job and responsibility is to fight them very hard and make sure that the full measure of justice is provided to all the citizens of this area of North Carolina and that DuPont takes full and complete responsibility for their actions,” Ted Leopold, an attorney with Carey, says.

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