September 22, 2017

Donald Trump’s education secretary has just made it harder for victims of campus sexual assault to seek justice

Perhaps it's not surprising that President Donald Trump, who infamously bragged about how he likes to “just start kissing” women and “grab ’em by the pussy,” has chosen a Secretary of Education who would weaken Title IX protections for students who are victimized by sexual assault on campus.

Either way, that is what happened today.

Lawyer Michael Dolce, who specializes in sexual abuse cases and has drawn from his own experience as an abuse survivor, strongly disagrees that this is a good thing.

“Big picture: It sends a message that all the specific guidance that universities and colleges have received over the past decade can be disregarded in favor of a 7-page boilerplate piece of rather useless information,” Dolce told Salon. “The prior requirements no longer apply and that's very dangerous. Those requirements were established to maintain the safety of students, and now DeVos's decision invites the universities to adopt a standard of higher proof that is the equivalent of a criminal investigation. They don't have the resources or the expertise to handle that.”

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