September 17, 2020

The lawsuit claims the school did not punish the accuser and shamed the victim.

The Diocese of Palm Beach County, All Saints Catholic School and its principal have been sued by an 11-year-old girl who claims a boy sexually abused her in the classroom from January through March, but was not disciplined.

The lawsuit claims the girl was subjected to sexual abuse on multiple occasions by the boy when the teacher left the classroom.

"He at the very least should have been suspended and at the most expelled but it appears the school prefers their donor parents and those children are not punished as viciously as other children," said attorney Takisha Richardson.

The lawsuit claims the girl acted out due to her trauma over the incident, and the principal ordered her to write a confession essay about her behavior, suspended her, and then gave the essay to other parents at the school who shared it with their children - causing the girl widespread humiliation.

"You would expect a principal would have an expectation of what trauma related behavior looks like," said Richardson.

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