July 10, 2019

A North Georgia woman is suing her former landlord, alleging that he evicted her because she invited her black co-worker to visit the Adairsville home she was renting.

Victoria Sutton, a white woman who now lives in Calhoun, claims the couple who own the house launched into a racist tirade telling her they don’t allow black people on their property and that she would have to move out.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia and the Cohen Milstein law firm filed the lawsuit Wednesday on Sutton’s behalf.

. . .

According to the suit, Sutton was in a month-to-month rental agreement and moved into the property in August 2017.

In September 2018, Sutton invited a black man and his 5-year-old son over for a few play dates with her daughters — ages 9 and 2 — before McCoy’s husband, Allen McCoy, appeared at her home and told her she would have to leave.

Attorneys for Sutton say the McCoys’ actions violate the federal Civil Rights Act and the federal and state Fair Housing Acts.

“This case is a clear reminder that the pervasive and insidious racism that led to the passage of the Fair Housing Act more than 50 years ago persists to this day,” said Brian Corman, an attorney with Cohen Milstein, a Washington law firm. “America thrives when people of all races and backgrounds are able to live in their communities without fear that they will be thrown out of their homes because of their race or the race of those with whom they associate.”

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