November 18, 2020

The lead attorneys in the Flint water crisis settlement of $641 million are crediting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the four legislative leaders for agreeing to this $35 million for 30 years payment.

But some taxpayers might say, I didn't harm the people of Flint, why should I pay for it?

"That is always the response for the community and citizens of the state when its government acts wrongly and hurts citizens in the neighborhood and community. Unfortunately, the community has to step in and make amends for the government's faults," said co-lead attorney Ted Leopold.

But the lead attorney's report during Mr. Snyder's deposition in this matter, he had some gaps of not being able to remember.

"He testified and there were a lot of gaps of memory that he couldn't recollect about what happened despite what the documents and emails showed," Leopold said.

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