February 18, 2011

PALM BEACH GARDENS - Miami-Dade resident Arnoulfo Orozco had faithfully maintained his health care coverage with his provider BUPA Insurance ever since he joined their program in 1999. When he fell ill in 2008, he followed BUPA directives and transferred from Jackson-Memorial Hospital to Tampa General, an "in-network" facility. He remained there through 2010 and ultimately underwent a successful heart transplant.

In the 10 years Mr. Orozco was insured by BUPA, he was never advised of any amendments or modifications to his original policy which provided him with a $5M lifetime limit. It was only when he was in need of a life saving heart transplant that he was informed that his original policy was no longer in effect and that all services and claims were subject to a $500,000 lifetime maximum for transplant services.

Mr. Orozco purchased insurance to ensure he and his family were protected in the wake of a medical catastrophe. Yet, even by taking the necessary measures, he is now being held liable for millions of dollars of medical bills and facing possible bankruptcy. Consumer Justice Attorney Ted Leopold, of Leopold Law, P.A. in Palm Beach Gardens is representing Mr. Orozco against BUPA Insurance. "It is outrageous that an insurance company would try to get away with changing the rules in the middle of game, further victimizing their injured client and denying responsibility. We intend to hold BUPA accountable for violating their contract and hope to bring justice for Mr. Orozco and his family."