Laura Alexander is a Partner in the Antitrust practice at Cohen Milstein.  Ms. Alexander has extensive litigation and trial experience in complex antitrust litigation, including class actions, as well as individual claims.

Ms. Alexander is a former defense litigator and brings to bear unique strategic insight from representing both plaintiffs and defendants. She has litigated and tried cases before state and federal courts, administrative agencies, arbitration panels, as well as appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

She specializes in large scale antitrust disputes involving highly sophisticated entities and complex anticompetitive schemes. At trial, Ms. Alexander takes leading roles, including conducting witness and expert cross-examinations and delivering opening and closing statements.

Currently, Ms. Alexander is litigating the following notable matters:

  • Ideker Farms, et al. v. the United States of America: Cohen Milstein represents Ideker Farms and more than 350 additional plaintiffs located in six states along the Missouri River in this landmark mass action in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims alleging that the federal government took land and flooding easements over lands owned by farmers, violating the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment. Ms. Alexander has been involved in all aspects of the litigation, including cross-examining key witnesses at trial, and presenting portions of the opening and closing statements.  In March 2018, after a four-month trial, the Court ruled largely in favor of plaintiffs on liability and causation. Bellwether trials continue. The Court will next determine the extent of the losses due to the taking.
  • Sutter Health Antitrust Litigation: Cohen Milstein is co-lead counsel in a monopolization case alleging Sutter Health, one of the largest hospital chains in Northern California, has used anticompetitive contract terms and contracting practices to drive out competition and raise prices to self-insured employers to supracompetitive levels. Ms. Alexander has been involved in all aspects of the litigation. Trial is set for June 2019.
  • Big Oak Farms, Inc. v. the United States of America: Cohen Milstein represents farmers along the Mississippi River in a Fifth Amendment takings case alleging that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers intentionally flooded plaintiffs’ land, without providing just compensation. Ms. Alexander has been involved in all aspects of the litigation.

Ms. Alexander’s past successes include:

  • Urethanes (Polyether Polyols) Antitrust Litigation: Cohen Milstein is co-lead counsel for direct purchaser plaintiffs in an antitrust class action alleging a nationwide conspiracy to fix the prices of chemicals used to make polyurethane foam.  Four defendants—Bayer, BASF, Huntsman, and Lyondell—settled for a total of $139.5 million, while the case against the fifth manufacturer, Dow Chemical, went to trial. After a four-week jury trial, the jury returned a $400 million verdict for the plaintiffs, which the district court trebled under federal antitrust law to more than $1 billion. Ms. Alexander was a member of the trial team and had significant brief writing and witness preparation responsibilities. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit affirmed the judgment, and the parties subsequently settled.

Ms. Alexander also maintains an active pro bono docket, including: 

  • Fannie Mae v. Fausto Amaya: In 2015, Ms. Alexander successfully defended a first-generation immigrant and his family from having their home foreclosed-upon. She successfully negotiated a new mortgage at terms that allowed the defendant to keep his equity in his property and allowed four generations of the Amaya family to stay in their home.

Since 2014, Ms. Alexander has been annually recognized as a Super Lawyers’ "Washington, DC Rising Star," (2014 - 2018).

Ms. Alexander has authored or co-authored a number of scholarly articles, including “Prominent Market Definition Issues in Pharmaceutical Antitrust Cases,” published in the Fall 2015 issue of Antitrust, an American Bar Association publication. Her 2007 Georgetown University Law Center note, “Monopsony and the Consumer Harm Standard,” The Georgetown Law Journal, continues to be a sought-after treatise, as the growth of technology combined with increased consolidation among buyers has led to increased focus on the potential harms from buyer power.

Ms. Alexander served as a law clerk to the Honorable Judge M. Margaret McKeown on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Ms. Alexander attended Reed College, earning a B.A. in Mathematics, and earned her J.D., magna cum laude, from Georgetown University Law Center. 

  • Antitrust, “Prominent Market Definition Issues in Pharmaceutical Antitrust Cases,” Fall 2015
  • The Georgetown Law Journal, “Monopsony and the Consumer Harm Standard,” 2007