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After the Firestone tire failures, general consumers became more aware of the problems with tire tread separation and other tire defects. However, the population is widely unaware of other significant concerns such as the impact of tire aging.

"From the day a tire is manufactured, it begins to age. And while it’s true that the design of the tire can make a difference in how fast or how slow the process is, the fact remains that as tires age, they experience thermo-oxidative degradation." — Leslie M. Kroeger and Theodore J. Leopold, attorneys at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC

The degradation of aged tires can lead to tire failures, resulting in serious or fatal motor vehicle accidents. Securing compensation for accident victims and their families takes a products liability law firm with significant experience handling tire defect litigation.

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Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC is a law firm that is recognized for our knowledge in the area of tire-related motor vehicle accidents and defective tire litigation. We have the resources and tenacity to pursue defective tire and auto products liability claims against the largest tire manufacturing companies, auto manufacturers and other responsible parties.

Our law firm is committed to justice and public safety. As experienced Florida products liability attorneys specializing in defective tires litigation nationwide, we aggressively seek restitution and compensation for those who have been injured in rollover car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents caused by the failures of aged tires, aged tires that were sold as new and other tire defects.

Serving as counsel and co-counsel, our Florida attorneys represent individuals and families in product liability litigation and class action litigation nationwide.


Defective Tire Recall - Palm Beach Gardens Attorneys

Tire Failure Accident Law Firm - Florida Attorneys

Defective tire recalls are one way the automotive industry attempts to prevent legal liability for motor vehicle accidents caused by tire failure. However, defective tire recalls often come too late. Furthermore, many tire-related motor vehicle accidents occur for reasons other than defective design of the tire.

Determining the precise reason for a tire's failure is a complicated endeavor and requires a trained expert. Our firm is nationally recognized for our knowledge in the area of tire-related vehicular accidents.

In making a legal claim after a motor vehicle accident, it is important to establish whether the tire failed prior to the accident or as a result of the accident. Our Florida law firm has experienced investigators to help us determine whether the tire failed because of a manufacturing defect, such as improper assembly, contamination of the tire's components, or the improper curing of the tire that results in a tread separation. Our investigators are also trained to recognize when a tire has failed because of improper installation, such as improper mounting, because of a blowout from tread separation, or due to the age of the tire.

At Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, we have the resources to handle tire defect lawsuits against the largest tire manufacturing corporations. We are a personal injury law firm committed to justice and safety, and we recruit sharp, intelligent attorneys who demonstrate compassionate dedication to the needs of our clients.

Examples of tire defect lawsuits include:

  • Failure to announce defective tire recall despite corporate knowledge of defects
  • Tire blowout due to failure caused by tread separation, such as with the recent controversy over Firestone tires
  • Installation of aged tires sold as new