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There are almost 100 million vehicles still on our nation's highways with unsafe fuel systems, unable to withstand a reasonable rear impact without the risk of catastrophic fire. Drivers and passengers in vehicles with fuel tank integrity problems face an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death.

Neither the government nor the auto industry is making any effort to fix these vehicles or get them off the road. The risk is especially high among those people who, as result of economic circumstances, drive older vehicles — the same cars that generally have the most dangerous fuel systems. Examples of fuel system integrity problems include:

  • Pre-2005 Mustangs
  • Older Crown Victoria police interceptor vehicles
  • General Motors pickup trucks manufactured during the 1973-1987 period

Design negligence by General Motors and other car companies has resulted in countless preventable accidents.

Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, is a Florida personal injury law firm committed to justice for injury victims and to issues of public safety. We have successfully litigated several multi-million dollar lawsuits against car companies for negligence in the fuel system integrity of their vehicles.

Fuel System Integrity Problems Remain in Light Trucks and Utility Vehicles

The auto industry has made progress in the design of safer fuel systems for passenger cars, but the industry has been grossly negligent in failing to follow similar safety standards for light trucks and utility vehicles. These vehicles are frequently used as passenger cars, but they are exempt from most crashworthiness standards — including standards relating to fuel system integrity. There is no excuse for these omissions except lack of perseverance by the government and the financial greed and political clout of the auto industry.

In any case, innocent members of the public are still the victims.