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Managed care companies use another ploy to protect their bottom line at the expense of seriously ill customers. This tactic is known in the health insurance industry as slow-pay/no-pay. Health insurance companies regularly delay insurance payments, which can result in serious and unnecessary injury. If a doctor refuses to treat a patient because he or she has not received insurance payments, the result for the patient's health can be catastrophic.

The systematic delay or denial of insurance payments — which often violates state law — enables health care companies to reap substantial additional profits. Instead of timely paying the millions of dollars they are obligated to pay out in insurance payments to hospitals, nursing homes and doctors, they keep the funds in their own coffers and invest the money for additional gain.

Patients who are suffering due to delayed payments or their managed care companies' refusal to pay for treatments need to hire an attorney. Money magazine reported that a Duke University study found that almost 50 percent of breast cancer patients' bone marrow transplant claims that were initially rejected by insurers were approved after the patient hired an attorney.

Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC is a compassionate and dedicated Florida law firm with extensive experience representing patients who have fallen victim to the managed care companies' systematic refusal to pay for necessary or life-saving treatments.