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The promise of America is rooted in the proposition that every one of us is "created equal," and therefore we are all deserving of equal treatment under the law. As individuals, we also accept the duty to exercise personal responsibility in our daily lives, and we recognize our duty to hold ourselves responsible for any harm our actions may cause our neighbors.

Corporations are no different than individuals. They have the same rights as the rest of us, and along with those rights, they have the same responsibility to act as their "brother's keeper" and respect the rights and safety of their fellow citizens.

Americans recognize and appreciate the fact that corporations usually fulfill those responsibilities in an exemplary fashion — after all, business works best when everybody benefits. We also appreciate the role that insurance companies play in allowing individual members of society to share one another's risk, thereby providing support whenever one of us suffers a tremendous loss.

Too often, though, individuals and corporations fail to fulfill this moral imperative. Too often, insurance companies put profits ahead of their obligation to their insureds and the citizens who may be injured by their insureds. In these situations, individual consumers can find themselves pitted against rich and powerful corporations determined not to accept the personal responsibilities that naturally accompany personal liberty.

We Are Nationwide Catastrophic Injury Attorneys in Florida

As consumer justice attorneys, we at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC are dedicated to assisting and fighting for individuals who have suffered grievous injustices at the hands of individuals, large corporations, and insurance companies. For over 30 years, our attorneys have helped clients access our nation's revered civil justice system, a forum where they can stand as equals even against powerful opponents with vast resources at their disposal. 

Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC is comprised of seasoned and caring attorneys, paralegals, investigators and technical consultants, who possess years of experience in handling cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. We believe injured victims and their families have a right to quality legal representation regardless of ability to pay. Therefore, when the firm accepts a case, it has the financial resources to underwrite the legal actions necessary to obtain justice for its clients.

Many of our clients have been seriously or catastrophically injured. Representing such a victim or the family of a person killed in an accident often demand proof from diverse fields, such as accident reconstruction, engineering and economics. We have the professional and financial resources necessary to properly litigate these cases.

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