January 04, 2016

Takata Emails Show Brash Exchanges About Data Tampering

The New York Times

Danielle Ivory and Hiroko Tabuchi


A January 2016 New York Times article discussing internal emails suggesting misrepresentation and manipulation of airbag tests on the part of Takata quotes Cohen Milstein Partner Ted Leopold, who commented, "Takata engineers knew of the dangers of manipulating test data. The only thing they did not know was the names of the individuals who were going to be injured or killed, and the date it was going to happen.”

Mr. Leopold is the lead attorney in Mincey v. Honda, a lawsuit brought on behalf of a Florida woman who sustained catastrophic injuries that rendered her a quadriplegic when the driver’s side airbag in her Honda Civic forcefully exploded during a minor motor vehicle collision. This lawsuit, filed against airbag system manufacturer Takata Corporation, charges that the company concealed the defective nature of their airbag systems–including potential overpowered deployment–from consumers for more than a decade prior to the woman’s June 2014 accident.

The full New York Times article "Takata Emails Show Brash Exchanges About Data Tampering" can be read here.