Joseph M. Sellers Invited to Speak at National Institute for Workers’ Rights 2021 Symposium

November 12, 2021

Joseph M. Sellers, chair of our Civil Rights & Employment practice will speak at the National Institute for Workers’ Rights’ 2021 Symposium, “Enhancing Anti-Discrimination Laws in Employment & Education.”  Mr. Seller’s panel begins at 2:45 p.m.

Mr. Sellers’ panel of employment law thought leaders is named, “Severe or Pervasive: Towards Empowering Workers.” Despite decades of effort, anti-discrimination law as it currently functions does not serve the best interests of workers and students. What changes are needed in the law to increase equity and diversity in our workplaces and educational institutions? The panel will explore key changes necessary for the law to be more responsive to those facing historical and structural subordination, current implicit biases, and other forms of oppression, both blatant and nuanced – obstacles to true equity.

The symposium is being hosted in partnership with the American University Washington College of the Law Journal of Gender, Social Policy & Law.