July 24, 2014

New York, NY

Cohen Milstein's Joseph M. Sellers, Kalpana Kotagal, and Anita Hill delivered the plenary session of the National Association of Women Lawyers Conference on July 24, 2014 in New York, NY.  This session, entitled Leadership by Design:Lessons from Law, Social Science, and Life discussed the following:

How can women, with the skills and experiences that make great leaders, get the recognition they deserve? In this plenary session, NAWL Honoree Professor Anita Hill and her colleagues, Cohen Milstein partners Joe Sellers and Kalpana Kotagal, will explore challenges and opportunities facing women in the workplace, and in particular those seeking to lead. Discussion topics will include the role that existing leaders play in creating a supportive or hostile workplace climate; how the interplay of culture, race, ethnicity, class and gender weighs disproportionately on women; the distinction between sponsorship and mentoring in advancing women into leadership; and a clarification of some of the grey areas and boundaries of appropriate behavior in the workplace. Drawing on scholarship and litigation experiences, the panelists seek a candid dialogue about gender, work and ways to confront the most significant challenges to women's success in positions of leadership.

More information on the NAWL Conference can be found here.