Cohen Milstein is investigating the Eaton Vance Profit Sharing and Savings Plan (the “Eaton Vance 401(k) Plan”). The investigation is examining whether Eaton Vance has violated federal law by: limiting the options in its 401(k) to almost exclusively its own funds; failing to offer the lowest-cost versions of those funds; and failing to include or consider funds from other companies that offered lower fees and better performance. 

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), the federal law that sets minimum standards for retirement plans (including the Eaton Vance 401(k) Plan), requires that plan managers act in the best interest of the plan’s participants when making investment decisions.

Cohen Milstein is examining whether Eaton Vance neglected its duty by selecting or retaining investments for its 401(k) participants that profited Eaton Vance at the expense of its employees, costing them millions of dollars in excessive fees and forgone investment opportunities with better-performing funds.

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