April 16, 2012
Two children running
Two children
Woman with child

Child Passenger Safety Campaign Initiative Provides over 200 Children with Car Seats

On Saturday, April 14, Leopold Law, P.A. partnered with Safe Kids Palm Beach County and local law enforcement to host a Booster Seat Drive in Indiantown. 

The event was the third collaborative effort Leopold Law has led to promote the safety of children in Indiantown. Over the last 8 months, this campaign has provided over 200 booster and convertible car seats to families in the area, and has successfully led the charge to create awareness for child passenger safety. The coalition of volunteers who turned out on Saturday included Certified English and Spanish speaking technicians from Safe Kids PBC, Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, Martin County Sheriff's Office, Martin County Tax Collector's Office and Florida Highway Patrol. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children from 3 to 14 years old. Yet Florida is one of three states that does not require a booster seat for children who have outgrown their child safety seat but are still too small to use an adult seat belt safely. A child's body is often not developed to withstand the force of a seatbelt, and most vehicle manuals indicate that the back seat of a vehicle is not designed to provide protection to a child in the event of a crash. The "forgotten child" is a term given to these types of cases where children are catastrophically injured or killed because the seatbelt fails to protect them. Even though children are expected to ride in the backseat of vehicles, the seat belts are not designed to properly restrain or protect them in foreseeable collisions.

This campaign initiative is part of the statewide effort to provide parents with the resources needed to protect the safety of children in vehicles.