A lawsuit has been filed against Toyota alleging that a manufacturing defect caused the car driven by plaintiff Bret Quinlan to go out of control, resulting in catastrophic injuries which have rendered him a quadriplegic. On July 17, 2011, Quinlan was operating a 2002 Toyota Camry, manufactured in Tennessee, on state route 551 when the vehicle suddenly went out of control and collided with a building in Orlando, Florida. 

The case argues that  Defendants  intentionally  concealed  the  role  of electronic  defects in  incidents  of unintended acceleration.   According to the Plaintiff, although Defendants have publicly admitted to two mechanical defects that caused unintended acceleration  (floor mats and sticky pedals), they failed  to  disclose  that  defects  in  the  electronic  throttle  control  system  were  also  causing unintended acceleration.   

“Bret Quinlan has suffered catastrophic life changing injuries at the hands of a manufacturer who was well aware of the risks they were placing on drivers,” stated Ted Leopold, Partner at Cohen Milstein and lead counsel in this lawsuit.

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