In litigations filed against Providian Financial Corporation and its affiliates (in which Cohen Milstein was named to an Executive Committee of plaintiffs’ counsel in state court cases), plaintiffs alleged, among other things, that Providian made misrepresentations and collected unlawful and excessive late charges (by not properly acknowledging when payments were received, among other things), and charged its customers other inappropriate fees for unwanted "credit protection" insurance, other credit card “products” that the Bank “sold” to the card holders, and other hidden fees. A settlement of the class cases was reached, under which Providian will pay $105 million (in cash and credit benefits) to class members to reimburse them for inappropriate fees and charges (supplementing a settlement with government entities under which Providian has paid approximately $337 million to card holders). Under both settlements, Providian also agreed to change certain business procedures and enforce processes to confirm that similar false charges and fees will not be incurred by card holders in the future.